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The Charlatan


This mysterious character brings incredible elixirs. Accompanied by the beautiful Carmencita, his faithful companion. 

The King of Potions has come to the village to bring health and wonder. 

This time he gives you "The Miracle Potion" and his latest creation, a Revolutionary Potion: "Metamorphosis". 

Try the powerful and delicious potions of the King of Elixirs. 

Don't miss it!

For all kinds of  Audience.

Year for creation: 2019

Original idea: Roberto Tanner and  Pamela Democrito

Art Director: Roberto Tanner

Cast: Pamela Democrito and Roberto Tanner

Costumes: Crazy in Love

Technical Sheet

Silent show with music

Street and indoor version : 10 to 45 minutes

Staging/disassembling time : 30 minutes

Time required between two performances daily:

2 hours

Maximum number of performances per day: 2

Space requirement:

Ideal: 6 x 4mt   Minimum: 5 x 3 mt.

Sound: mini-jack connection required within the stage.

Hi-fi minimum 400watt, ideal 1000watt.

If necessary, the company can carry his own sound equipments.

Light: general, no special effects.

Gauge of public: 500 , with bleachers 1000

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