Deux à la Tâche was born in 2012 to create a theatrical project based on the concept of art as humanity, of action as a universal language, of theater as an "organic relationship" with the Audience.

A project based on the power of laughter as a means to reach people in a direct and effective way.

Deux à la Tâche is Physical Comedy, it's Magic, it is Humor. It's the imposing pure action of the theater without words.

Pamela Demócrito (Italy) and Roberto Tanner (Argentina), both with a wide experience in the scene, come from different artistic environments and both complement and enrich each other, giving the project a framework of totality and universality.

With his current show "Crack Up 2.0" and his previous production "La Gran Ilusion" offer moments of magic and fun at festivals from all over the world, from Mexico to Korea, from Denmark to Spain, from Italy to the Netherlands, from France to Germany and Poland. Proving that physical comedy, magic, theater and humor have a universal language reaching the hearts of all and provoking in each viewer the emotion and the smile, beyond all barriers


Was born 1971 in Argentina. He lives in Barcelona, Spain since 2002. He studied clown, mime and theatre. He is also magician, percussionist, juggler, acrobat and theatre director. Since 2000 he has been performing clown, magic, circus and variety shows as street performer as well as on indoor show format. He worked for two companies “Los Risorios” and “Mr Ludius” -which he also owned-, and with “Maxishows” and “La Mosquitera” as a collaborator.

At present he is presenting "Crack Up 2.0"  and "The Charlatan" with his duo Deux á la Tâche.

Work in progress : "Magical Geisha" and "Text".


Was born 1981 in Calabria, Italy. She studied ballet , contemporary dance, acrobatics and trapeze. Since 2008 she has been performing acrobat, clown, circus and variety as street performer as well as on indoor show format. She worked with various companies,

"La Compagnie die Precari", "Gli Sfasati" and "Cirko Desastre".

She is fixed trapeze and Pilates teacher in Spain and Portugal.  At present she is presenting "Crack Up 2.0" and "The Charlatan" with his Deux á la Tâche and "Eterfeel" with "Aerial Jocker "

Work in progress : "Theory of Caos"