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Year of creation: 2017

Original idea: Roberto Tanner and  Pamela Democrito

Art Director: Roberto Tanner

Cast: Pamela Democrito and Roberto Tanner

Costumes: Sandra Di Sipio

Technical Sheet

Silent show with music

Street version: from 10 to 50 minutes

Indoor version: from 45 to 90 minutes

Staging/disassembling time: 30 minutes

Time required between two performances daily: 2 hours

Maximum number of performances per day: 2

Space requirement:

Ideal: 6 x 4 mt    Minimum: 5 x 3 mt

Sound: Mini-jack connection required within the stage.

Hi-fi minimum 400watt, ideal 1000watt.

If necessary, the company can carry his own sound equipments.

Light: general, no special effects.

Soil : without unevenness, smooth and clean

Gauge of public: 500 , with bleachers 1000

Crack Up , dynamic and powerful, amazing and hilarious where the audience have no choice but to laugh and enjoy.

Physical Comedy, High Level Magic, Humor, Clown and two dangerously different Characters.


A conceited and egocentric magician, his rebellius and clumsy assistant and a complicated relationship on stage, resulting in the most absurd situations, more than 100 gags

and a powerful, unexpected and exciting ending.


For all kind of audiences: Family version, Children's version, Adult version.


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